Here are some of our services

Pallets & Skids

Our goal is to offer high quality custom pallets and crates that exceed customer expectations and are provided in a reliable, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner.

Wood Boxes (Crates)

From small boxes to large containers, for one-time use or on-going re-use, Best Pallet will custom design your crates and boxes, all tailored to your specific needs and guaranteed to meet your specific specifications.

Heat Treating & IPPC Certified

We are IPPC certified and have our own heat treating kiln on premises. Companies that wish to send goods abroad have a wide array of choices for export pallets. Wood pallets must bear the ISPM 15 marking.

Viking Champion Nailer

We have the capability fulfull a wide range of custom orders. For the larger sizes we have a Viking Champion Pallet Nailer, capable of producing 500-600 pallets/shift.

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