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When you contact us, you will always be dealing with a concerned owner of the company. We are committed to quality, service and timeliness. We take great pride in our products and services. Each customer's order is evaluated and manufactured with that particular customer’s needs in mind.


We have been in business over 52 years and have kept a very good reputation and relationship with all of our customers. Our experience is second to none in the industry and our pallets have been time tested through the years. We take great pride in our history and promise only the best results for our customers.

We have a very close relationship with all of our customers and always deliver on our promises.

Neil Manasse (Owner)

We primarily provide custom pallets and skids although, we also provide custom crate orders for some customers. Additionally we provide heat treating services and go out of our way to ensure all orders are delivered on time.

  • Pallets & Skids (With & without heat treating)
  • Custom crates with customer specifications

Our specialty is our relationships with our customers. We keep close relationships with our customers and provide exceptional customer service. If any of our customers require special considerations we are always open to work with them and provide the best service!

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